How to Turn Off a Water Heater in an Emergency

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No one wishes to think about this, but it is essential to understand the actions associated with shutting down ones water heater in case it is needed in an emergency situation.

Emergency Douglasville GA Water Heater Shut Off Procedure

1. Shut Off The Gas or ElectricityWater Heater Repair Douglasville GA

Gas – Twist the dial on the top of the thermostat from the “on” to the “off” position. This will shut off the gas at the water heater. If you ever smell gas– exit the home and contact the gas company immediately.

Electricity – Find your breaker box and flip the breaker for your water heater or if your water heater has a disconnect switch near the water heater just shut off the switch to shut off power to the water heater.

2. Switch Off The Water Supply
Discover the cold side water pipe connect to the water heater and follow it back to the source or the wall. If you have an old style turn faucet handle – Twist the handle clockwise till it stops. This ought to turn of the water.
If you have a newer lever design ball valve pull or push the the handle a quarter turn– this ought to shut off the water.

Water Heater Drain.

3. Drain The Water Heater

Drain the water heater if needed to stay clear of any damage by linking a yard hose down drain valve on the water heater. Run the other end of the hose to a lower area where hot or rusty water will not trigger damage (hot water can damage turf and plants). Open the hot side faucet in the sink closest to the water heater– this will launch the vacuum seal and let the water drain from the water heater. Permit 10-30 minutes for the water heater to drain.

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